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arte Y Vida

The Art of conscious living

El Porvenir is not just a place to sleep. Rather, it is something for open and attentive eyes, an ode to the beauty and cultural diversity of this world. A tour through the facilities is like leafing through a travel diary from faraway lands: from Morocco, through the Rainforests, to Nepal, then via Tibet, straight to Mexico. Sigi Wagner, the planner, builder, and operator of El Porvenir was himself this traveller. A traveller who immersed himself in distant cultures for years and was greatly inspired by them. As such, he has a few tales to tell for any guests who are curious to delve deeper into the stories which tell the walls.

This dreamy travelogue has crystallized in a unique way at El Porvenir giving the energy to gather the stones, cover the ceilings, cut the wood, and never forget the artistic details.

“Art and life – this is the spirit in which El Porvenir was built and in which it welcomes its guests. The community house of the same name, “Casa Arte y Vida”, is also open to all residents for a variety of activities. Whether it’s a good conversation in a café, a good meal, a quiet event, a seminar, a film, an exhibition, a reading or anything else

Housing Concept

houses and units

according to demand

You have to cross 7 bridges… this has crossed many a guests’ minds as they explore this jewel, by stairs, bridges and high terraces. El Porvenir has grown organically with time and spirit – with immeasurable personal effort, vitality, imagination, and intellect. This former guesthouse has evolved into an impressive complex of houses and flats. Whether you are a couple, a family with children, a group of friends or an individual traveller, El Porvenir adapts to the needs of its guests. Long-term travellers or digital nomads will also find in El Porvenir the perfect conditions to be able to experience La Palma from its most beautiful side.

The complex with apartments

Sustainability and equipment

Conscious use

of resources

Travelling with the eyes, the heart, and the mind? These are the guiding principles with which the hosts themselves have travelled the world for years. So, it’s no surprise that El Porvenir follows an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to building materials, energy, and water management, especially as it is located on an island with limited resources. So, if you’re expecting hairdryers, air conditioning, heaters, or televisions in El Porvenir, you’ll be looking in vain. With 3250 hours of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 20 degrees, Los Llanos has one of the most balanced climates in the world, and El Porvenir has adapted to this “luxury of nature” in terms of construction. The old Canarian construction, renovated with clay plaster, thermal insulation and insulating glass creates an excellent and healthy climate for year-round living.


In the centre of the old town

with mountain view

Tourists wanting pool and sea views are welcome to drag their wheeled suitcases past El Porvenir – there is plenty on offer for them in La Palma. Other travellers will eventually discover El Porvenir, in the old town of Los Llanos, and quickly realise the many advantages and possibilities this charming little village offers for a multi-faceted holiday. A little bar in the square, tapas in one of the countless bars, a colourful selection of restaurants and a last glass of wine in the evening, all without having to take the car. Situated on the west side of the island, almost all the important destinations – The Caldera de Taburiente, Volcanoes and many beaches can be quickly and easily reached.

Los Llanos de Aridane