Casa Nepal

Living well

under banana and mango trees

Fresh air, bright light, lush vegetation, rustling palm leaves… all this, combined with a little birdsong, are the external ingredients of this open-air kitchen. A natural recipe, full of vitality that will inspire your own cooking. Those who like to spend most of their holiday outdoors, overlooking a tropical garden, will love the two-storey Nepal House at the quieter end of the resort. A feast for the eyes, body, and soul.
From the open-air dining area, an external staircase leads to the living and sleeping area on the first floor. With a total area of 113 m2, the Apartment house “Casa Nepal” also offers space for larger families.
The natural forms and materials of the outdoor area are also reflected in the interior. Only wood, natural stones and clay are used to create a cosy atmosphere and a healthy and harmonious indoor climate. Two separate bedrooms offer space for 5 people.
The morning shower in the open-air bathhouse under the palm trees is like a vitalizing gift from heaven. In this way, every day of your holiday begins with an early morning first-class experience.


  • For 2 – 5 persons
  • Bedroom “Atlas” (28 m2)
  • Bedroom “Shambala” (18 m2)
  • Covered outdoor kitchen 12 m2
  • Cosy winter garden
  • Covered terrace with dining table
  • Indoor climate control: clay and natural stone walls
  • Bathroom with Open-Air shower
  • Wifi (no TV)
  • Sauna (8,00 Eur p.P.)

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